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Editing & Proofreading

We provide the same quality standards as traditional publishers, and offer independent authors a professional, thorough editorial process.

Cover Design

The design process begins with the cover design and then progresses to the page design and composition. You retain the rights to all creative work.


We will take care of the internal layout design making sure texts are evenly spaced. Want custom graphs and illustrations with text wrapped around them? We can handle anything.

Marketing & Publicity

We offer targeted social media advertisements through Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and LinkedIn. This method has shown success with past and current clients. We are proud to now offer book publicity services. This includes a media/press kit, online blog tours and radio interviews. ​


The Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) and Cataloging in Publication (CIP) data necessary for the copyright page of the book will be registered with the U.S. government.


There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes at The Paper House. Prior to the start of our services on your book, we will conduct a market analysis of your genre. We delve deep into what books are selling. A list of metadata (keywords) is attached to your book digitally that help bring your book to the top of the list when a potential reader inputs that specific keyword. This service automatically comes with one of our packages!

Graphic Design & Illustrations

The Paper House’s award-winning designers have extensive experience designing books that are eye-catching, interesting, and attractive. The design process begins with the cover design and then progresses to the page design and composition. We love creating children's books.​

Author's Website

Our web designers create author websites for any genre. They are a 2-3 page site that will include the author bio, published books, and links to purchase these books.


You have many options to choose from such as high-pitched to low-pitched voices, young or old, man or woman. A child-like voice? We got you covered.

Download Our Short Marketing Tips Book

Take a glance at our short but sweet marketing tips to help you get off the ground and into the world of self-publishing.

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Our Editing Options

Developmental Edit + Copy Edit + Proofread 

Along with the tasks that a copy edit typically entails (indicated below), we also restructure sentences, paragraphs, and chapters as needed, and review style and consistency (e.g., how numbers are written, which abbreviations are used, etc.) to ensure uniformity throughout your text. We address any issues in organization, transitions, tone, voice, and complexity. Fiction titles are checked for plot and character inconsistencies, as well as the dialogue, pace, and clarity. 

Includes three rounds of edits:
1. Developmental Edit
2. Copy Edit
3. Post-Production Proofread

Copy Edit + Proofread 

We check for all typographical errors, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and sentence structure, through a comprehensive, line-by-line analysis. Language-usage issues are addressed, and recommendations for style and improvement of the overall flow of the text may be given. Our goal is to ensure your manuscript is ready for typesetting and layout.

Includes three rounds of edits:
1. Initial Copy Edit
2. A review of your revisions
3. Post-Production Proofread


Manuscript formatting entails addressing major issues with text and formatting . Errors in grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and spelling are identified and corrected. While this review is not as comprehensive as our copy edit service,  it ensures a polished manuscript is ready for publication.


Includes two rounds of edits:
1. Proofread before layout and formatting
2. Post-Production Proofread


Sample letter written by Art for one of our clients following a round of developmental editing.

Global Distribution

We use one of the publishing industry’s largest global book distribution networks, Your book will have access to over 40,000…

Online Retailers such as Amazon, B&N, Apple iBooks, etc

Independent Bookstores

Chain Stores

Ebook Retailers



Custom Cover Designs

We create designs from scratch tailored specifically for your book

Marketing and branding for your book starts early and as early as the creation of your unique cover design. We carefully research market trends and determine what designs are working. Whether you have an idea for a design or not, we will help you create a stunning cover that will make your book stand out from the rest.

We Have The Experience in Working with Fiction, Non-fiction, self-help, and Children's books

The Paper House Books publishing company has many years of experience in working on novels, self-help/branding, and children’s books. Our in-house designers have a combined 30+ years in formatting, internal  design, and illustration. 

Children's Books

Award-Winning Graphic Designers

Our in-house illustrators are well versed in the gold standard of design software and technology. They can handle any style of illustration. Attention to detail and master techniques in shading and light source will bring your children’s book to life. 

Our Passion is Your Success

We know that one size does not fit all. The Paper House approaches each author and their book uniquely. Every project we undertake is different than the one before. We help carry your vision into the final product regardless of the amount of changes that need to be made within the manuscript. With suggestions and tweaks, your vision will also be carried onto the cover design following thorough market research on your genre’s cover trends.

You Have Options to Market Your Book

Option 1

Social media and Amazon advertisements: We will curate carefully targeted social media advertisements for your book and post them on Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon. The ads will run for a minimum of three months.

Option 2

Book Publicity: We will create a media/press kit to pitch your book and create a buzz to media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, book bloggers, radio stations, and TV. You will also receive customized pre-publishing and post-publishing plans.


Are You Ready to Publish Your Book?

Get a free quote from one of our consultants to discuss which option would work best for your needs