Our Illustration Services

Illustrations & Graphic Design

Whether you’re looking for your book cover or a fully illustrated book, you want the illustrations to tell your story and create a connection with the readers. Attention to detail and master techniques in shading and light source will bring your children’s book to life. 

Our in-house illustrators are well versed in the gold standard of design software and technology. They have experience in children’s books, editorial, comic books, storyboard, and concept art illustrations. They can handle any style of illustration. 

Graphic Designer Artist Working On Multiple Computer Screens

Double Spread Illustration

The illustration spreads across 2 full pages, typically with text on the illustration.

Full Page Illustration

Full page illustrations are a single page with the illustration extending right to the edge of the page. This leaves no white areas around the illustration.

Half Page Illustration

Just as the name suggests, half page illustrations only take up half a page and allows for the integration of text below or above the illustration.

Spot Illustration

Spot Illustration

It is an illustration used by itself, usually to accompany text, but not as large as a feature illustration. Typically spot illustrations will take up a quarter of a page.

Brainstorm Together

We will help you create a storyboard or create a plan for the illustrations to go along with your manuscript.


Approve Sketches

Sketches are made prior to the coloring and shading phase of the illustration. Once you approve the sketches, your illustration is created.


Once illustrations are created and finished, we will work on the text placement and formatting of the book. You are free to use the illustrations as you please.

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Some Of Our Illustrations

How This Works...

Once you sign up for our services, one of our publishing consultants will get in touch with you via email or phone to further discuss the next steps.

The illustration process takes about 8-12 weeks to complete, depending on the amount of revisions. 

Yes, and if you aren’t sure, we are here to help you decide which style is best for your book.

We have the ability (thanks to our award-winning artists) to create any type of illustrations for your book.