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We offer high-quality editorial services for just about any type of book, from fiction to non-fiction, self-help, children’s books, poetry books, and anything in between.
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Editorial Services

Editorial services refer to the various types of support that authors can receive to help improve and polish their written work. These services can include editing, proofreading, fact-checking, and other types of support to ensure that a book or other written work is of the highest quality. There are several different types of editorial services that authors can consider:
Services Types

Editorial Services Include:

Developmental Editing

This type of editing involves working with an author to improve the overall structure and organization of their work. Developmental editors can help with things like plot development, character development, pacing, and overall coherence.

Copy Editing

This type of editing involves checking a manuscript for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other language errors. Copyeditors can also help with things like consistency, clarity, and readability.

Line Editing

Line editing is a type of editorial service that involves reviewing and improving the language and style of a manuscript at the sentence and paragraph level. Line editors focus on things like clarity, flow, and overall readability, with the goal of making the text as smooth and enjoyable as possible for readers.


This type of editing involves checking a manuscript for errors after it has been copyedited. Proofreading is usually the final step in the editing process and helps to catch any remaining errors before the book is published.

Free Sample Edit

Enter your book’s information and get a sample edit (up to 1000 words.) In the sample we will show you how we can precisely improve your manuscript. We have become selective in the manuscripts we work with, allowing us to determine which books we want to take on. Your manuscript is protected due to our binding non-disclosure agreement.

How It Works

Once you sign up for our services, one of our publishing consultants will get in touch with you via email or phone to further discuss the next steps.
We accept all genres from fiction to nonfiction, academic, self-help to children’s books, and everything in between.
One of our editors will edit your book using Microsoft Word. The changes to the manuscript will be in red. Comments will be in a column on the right-hand side. You get the opportunity to accept or reject each change made.
It typically takes 4-5 weeks to edit a manuscript, but this is subject to change depending on the word count of your manuscript
Our editorial services are available as a la carte service or as part of one of our packages.
We now have a hybrid program!

Mirage Hybrid Publishing

Mirage Hybrid Publishing is an imprint of The Paper House designated for select books. Mirage is a publishing model that combines the benefits of both traditional and self-publishing. You keep creative control, intellectual property, and the majority of royalties. Hundreds of books are sold daily in the United States and this can only be met by an aggressive production, marketing, and distribution services.