About Us

We are the premier book publisher for indie authors. The core of our business is to present quality books to the world by supporting our authors through our services of full book development, distribution, and author branding. With thousands of projects later, our award-winning designers have created stunning work in fiction, non-fiction, self-help, and children’s books.

The Paper House is a trusted Self-Publishing Company based in New Jersey, USA. It was founded by a self publishing author herself who believes in helping other authors with the long and time-consuming publishing process. Although we are now selective in the manuscripts we accept, we continue to offer affordable rates because we believe author’s deserve to publish a professional book he/she believes in.

The Paper house’s team is filled with an impressive list of talented authors, designers, marketing pros and more. We’ve helped over 1,000 authors publish their books through our professional services. We’ve evolved to keep up with current trends in self-publishing and now offer many of our works in digital and audio formats.

We especially pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have with our authors. These important elements are why we consistently manage to publish such high-quality and popular books. Contact us to find out more.

Featured Team Members

Kimberly Steinke


Kim is one of our newer editors who we are glad to have on our team. She is consistent and well-versed in the Chicago Manual of Style. 

Adriana Litarowicz

Children's Book Illustrator

Adriana has proven over and over again to be a master illustrator with her meticulous attention to detail and unique style of shading. Her illustrations are regarded as “high quality.”

Arthur Fogartie


Art is a pastor and published author who has been working with us since day one. He has over 20 years of experience in editing and handles our “one-off” manuscripts that require an experienced eye and thinking outside the box.

Ryan Biore

Cover Designer

Ryan has been a cover designer for several years now. His work is detailed and eye-catching… The way a book cover should be.

Lisa Boncroe

Formatter/Layout Designer

Lisa is one of our formatters who specializes in self-help and author branding books. She is a wizard with spacing and graphs.

Ayaan Mansoori


Ayaan is very versatile and has the ability to adapt to multiple styles of illustrations.

A Message from our CEO

"We are continuously evolving as a company to exceed the industry standards in book publishing"

Mo has been with The Paper House since its inception. He continues to offer his services and expertise not only as CEO but also as the creative director.

At The Paper House Books, doing the right thing always comes first. We must make sure that everything we do is transparent, honest, and takes care of our people, our clients, and the communities we operate in.

It is this commitment that enables us to be trusted partners with our authors,  distinguishes us in the industry, and drives our success. It is a reputation that we have built through a lot of hard work.

“The love of books brought me here”
Mo Rizk