A La Carte Services

We offer several services that help your book become visible while creating a buzz around the reader community; from marketing, social media advertisements, to author’s websites, and audiobooks, we cover it all! Don’t see what you are looking for? Ask us. 


There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes at The Paper House. Prior to the start of our services on your book, we will conduct a market analysis of your genre. We delve deep into what books are selling. A list of metadata (keywords) is attached to your book digitally that helps bring your book to the top of the list when a potential reader inputs that specific keyword. This service automatically comes with one of our packages!

Marketing & Book Publicity

We offer targeted social media advertisements through Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and LinkedIn. This method has shown success with past and current clients. We are proud to now offer book publicity services. This includes a media/press kit, and reader community outreach using several programs. Our marketing programs are tailored to your books needs.

Option 1:

Social Media Advertisements: We will curate carefully targeted social media advertisements for your book and post them on Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon. The ads will run for a minimum of three months.

Option 2:

Book Publicity: We will create a media/press kit to pitch your book and create a buzz to media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, book bloggers, radio stations, and TV. You will also receive customized pre-publishing and post-publishing plans.

Sample Media Kit

Author's Website

Our web designers create author websites for any genre. They are 2-3 page sites that include the author bio, published books, and links to the book’s purchase.


When narrating a book, our authors have many options to choose from, such as high-pitched to low-pitched voices, young or old, man or woman. A child-like voice for a children’s book? We’ve got you covered.

Book Video Trailer

Book reviews, blog posts, and press releases can get the word out about your book—but they’re all the more effective when packaged with a short, attractive video that grabs the interest of potential readers. Book trailers also offer something more: data shows that using video on your website and social media exponentially expands your audience reach.


Do you have an amazing story idea, but don’t know how to develop it? Give us your outline and we will create a beautiful book for you. It’s that easy! Plus, you get to review your story chapter by chapter.


We will take care of your translation needs, from any language to any language, error free!

Movie Script to Novel (or vice versa)

Do you want to turn your novel into a movie? Or turn your script into a novel? We’ve got your back!

Single Services

If you only need one or several services, we got you covered!

copy/line or developmental editing

Copy/line (starting at $0.03 per word) - developmental (starting at $0.05 per word)


Proofreading (starting at $0.01 per word)

Cover Design

Starting at $237


Prices vary by style of illustration

Book Formatting for Paperback, eBook and Hardcover

Starting at $250

Layout Design for Paperback, eBook and Hardcover

Starting at $450

Author's Website

Starting at $340


Starting at $0.05 per word

Global Distribution

Uploading to online platform for global distribution starts at $99

Book Video Trailer (60-120 sec)

Starting at $299

Social Media Strategy

Starting at $800

Copyright Protection & Isbns


Audiobook narration & formatting

Starting at $0.04 per word

Movie script to novel & viceversa

Starting at $0.03 per word

Manuscript translations to different languages

Starting at $0.03 per word

And more...

How This Works...

Once you sign up for our services, one of our publishing consultants will get in touch with you via email or phone to further discuss the next steps.

We offer both a la carte services and packages. 

Please reach out to us and we will provide details on our abilities to market your book to maximize sales.

You will be provided with at least three voice options to choose from. You decide whether you want a male or female voice, old or young, and more.